Are you ready to become an ADVOCATE FOR THE ARTS?

If you know that you want to live in a community, a state, and a nation that places value and priority on THE ARTS, you are well on you way to becoming an advocate for the arts.

NEA-logo-colorOne way to begin is through education.  Visit the CALIFORNIA ARTS ADVOCACY website for a wealth of information: Keep posted on what legislation is going to affect the arts. Then contact your state and national representatives to let them know your position on the importance of the arts.


One sartplate-originaltep that you can take for the ARTS in California is to get a California Arts License Plate:

Anyone who owns a car can get the Arts License Plate by ordering online from the Department of Motor Vehicles at Fees are $50 for a standard plate ($40 renewal) and $98 for a personalized plate ($78 renewal). 
Tuolumne County Arts Alliance (TCAA) is the publicly mandated arts agency of Tuolumne County through its relationship TCArts-Square-FINAL_sm
with the California Arts Council’s (CAC) “State and Local Partnership Grant”. This is an annual, competitive grant written by TCAA and submitted to CAC.The State and Local Partnership Program seeks to strengthen communities through the arts. The funding supports arts agencies ability to fulfill their mission statements and enrich their communities through arts programs.
Tuolumne_County_MoversTuolumne County Arts Alliance also partners with the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors to enhance the arts as an economic driver in Tuolumne County showcasing the local arts community by encouraging economic vitality.  TCAA serves as a non-profit 501.c-3 for individual and smaller organizations helping to promote other artistic endeavors by being a fiscal umbrella for sponsored local artistic projects.
The other CAC grant program administered by Tuolumne County Arts Alliance is the annual Arts in the Schools (AIS) educational arts residency grant. A published online catalog is provided to all schools wishing to participate in securing arts education classroom opportunities. Several large public art pieces in the forms of murals on local school campuses have been the result of this particular grant matching funding.