Richard Burleigh

The late Richard Burleigh was a beloved member of the ARTS Community who passed away early in 2016. He was best-known for  organizing music, arts and craft events in the Mother Lode for four decades. He was also one of the founding members of TCAA. This will be the first (inaugural) concert in his honor, to be held at the Opera Hall. The proceeds will benefit a new music scholarship for children in our community. This event will be part of TCAA’s annual “Hearts for the Arts” Kick Off.


February 11, 2017 Sonora Opera Hall
Featuring Risky Biscuits and Painted Mandolin


Old Skool Pizza and no host bar.

Doors open at 6:00 music begins at 7:00

Tickets $30 in advance, $35 at the door

Tickets available in Sonora at Mountain Bookshop (209) 532-6117, Tradewinds (209) 588-8810 or online at http://www.tuolumnecountyarts/

Tickets purchased on the website will be at will call when you arrive.

Painted Mandolin

Description and Bios…With jamming instrumentals, grooving energy and vocals shared by all, Painted Mandolin explores the acoustic side of Jerry Garcia. From his Jug Band days, to the Bluegrass of Old and In the Way, through the Grateful Dead’s “Reckoning” period, Jerry’s Acoustic Band and the Garcia Grisman project, this quartet of acoustic guitar, “banjotar” (a 6 string guitar tuned banjo), mandolin, fiddle, percussion and bass creates a sound of memories, traditions and innovations all in a fresh jam that Jerry would like. We think you will too.

painted-mandolin-promo-low-rezPainted Mandolin includes…Joe Craven: Violin/Mandolin/Percussion. Joe was a member of the Garcia/Grisman Band from 1991-1994, and multi-instrumentalist of the David Grisman Quintet from 1989-2004. He has collaborated with a number of artists ranging from banjo innovator Alison Brown, Howard Levy, David Lindley and Jason Marsalis. Joe is a bandleader of his own projects, including Joe Craven & The Sometimers.

Larry Graff: Guitar/Mandolin. Larry is a founding member of the Banana Slug String Band, and lead guitarist in Slugs n’ Roses.

Matt Hartle: Guitar/Banjotar.  Matt is lead guitar in the Grateful Dead inspired projects Spirit of 76, The Chinacats, and Shady Groove.

Roger Sideman: Bass. Roger plays bass in Spirit of 76 and The Chinacats.


Risky Biscuits


The Risky Biscuits consist of:

Sweetwater Calhoun on the Banjo
Brick Mansion on the Violin
Hog Hunter on Drums
Tyrone Biggums on the Geetar and Beautiful Throat Pipes
The hotestest darkest guys in band on the Gitfiddle and vocs
Fresh outta the oven, the Risky Biscuits totes a more diverse band than a New York Subway. Whether passionately pursuing all four commemorative cans of the banquet beer or vehemently bellowing for the freshest of pots, this band is the tits.