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October is Arts and Humanities Month, and October 7th is California Arts Day. Join us to celebrate the arts that enrich and enhance our lives! We are planning a “Handmade Parade.” What IS a Handmade Parade? Please click on continue reading to find out all you would ever want to know! And PLEASE join us in these next few months to get this fun community project up and running. Free or very inexpensive classes in the art of paper mache sculpting. Do you like masks? storytelling? electronics? puppetry? costuming? engineering? Walk, stroll, bike, drum, sing and dance down the street with fellow revellers. Think: Mardi Gras celebration in the Motherlode!

Here are some links to Handmade Parades around the world:

Hillsborough, NC:!parade-videos-images/c20p

Olympia Washington: Procession of Species:

Minnesota May Day Parade: In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater:

Hebdon Bridge, UK:

This one is done by a professional company, but we thought you might like it for the spectacle….

Liverpoole, UK: Royale Deluxe: Sea Odyssey:

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