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Please note: If you are a school group or a non-profit, we still need to know if you are participating, so please fill out and send.

Saturday October 1st, Main St., Jamestown

Join fellow citizens and community groups in a collective art experience that no one will soon forget… the handmade parade is a parade for anyone that wants to celebrate creativity and diversity in a non-political activity that fosters community involvement and creative expression. Described as a “walking theatrical performance”, our parade will also glow after dark! everyone and anyone is invited to register themselves, their family, or their group as a participant and get busy building their small float, prop, or costume. The only ‘rules’ are: no live animals, no written words, logos, or motorized vehicles (motorized wheelchairs acceptable) and all parade participants are required to be in costume. Easy right?

Attendance is FREE!–To participate in the parade there is a nominal fee for:

●   Individuals———-$5.00

●   Families————-$10.00

●   School Groups—–FREE!

●  Groups & Organizations—–$25.00

●   Businesses———$50.00

         (To encourage other non-profits to participate, we will waive the entry fee!!!)

In preparation for this event TCAA is offering free workshops. We will provide instruction for free and as many materials as we have. Donations for the workshops will be gratefully accepted, be they  material or financial. If anyone would like to aid us we have an online donation site set up: https//
We will be having open workshops at our KASA classroom every Saturday and Sunday as follows….
                  ●  Aug. 20th & 21st we will concentrate on making Big heads.
                  ●   Aug. 27th & 28th  we will do  “wings and things,” fundamentals for birds.
                 ●   September 3rd and 4th “Notion of the Ocean,” fish and water creatures will be emphasized.
                 ●   September 10th and 11th we will pursue “Flower Power” and maybe bugs.
The workshops on
                 ●   September 17th, 18th, 24th and the 25th have no theme: finish what you have begun…..
Though these dates all have a theme no one is required to follow that theme. Pursue you own ideas, use the stuff we have, or bring your own, and we’re here to help as we can.

In addition there will be classes on making lanterns and drums. Dates TBA—These workshops will run from 10a.m. to 3 or so. Come every time if you want! Call 532-2787, for even more information.

Need more help with your idea? The Handmade Parade is also supported by the MotherLodeMakerLabs where you can find inspiration, more materials, instruction and workshops leading up to our big event. Check their meetup page (http// for more information.
This year our summer camp was devoted entirely to our campers creating their entries. It was a wild success, please visit the KASA  Face Book page HERE to see some great costumes.
EVENT DETAILS: Park festivities (handmade goods and entertainment) begins at 3:00.
The Parade itself begins at 6:00.
You can sign up on the day of the parade from 3:00 to 4:00
If you are preregistered, you may check in by 4:30
Participants assemble by 6:00
The route is walking once down Main St. from Willow to Donavan, then return from Wilson Real Estate parking lot to Rocca Park in Jamestown. The return walk will be illuminated by LED lights.
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