A community radio?

The creation of a community radio station for Tuolumne County emphasizes the promotion of local arts and artists as well as addressing issues and events of community relevance from local perspectives. It is devoted to encouraging a grassroots, citizen-based journalism and a broad spectrum of programming that ranges from music and literature to audio drama and story-telling, local history, recreation, domestic arts and skills, and entertainment.

In partnership with TCAA and reflecting TCAA’s overriding educational commitment, KAAD-LP is dedicated to providing opportunities for adult members of the community to train in the field of media arts and technology. Concurrently, the station will provide a practical laboratory for the allied business practices necessary to the support and delivery of broadcast.

Who will be this community radio?

…our community – local people coming together to be heard, to make something greater than any one of us can manage.

…folks who think creating a radio station might be fun.…who want to face new challenges, learn new technology, and create programs impressed with our own personal stamp while celebrating an old art: sound wave communication.

…a forum for providing an opportunity for people of different ages and experience, skills and passions to present subjects to pique our interest, to illuminate our world.

…citizens who will not shy away from discussing controversial subjects of concern, but always with civility

…people who seek to share stories through words and music, with an emphasis on the people who make our local art and provide our community its culture.

…voices of the forgotten, the unsung, the folks we live and work beside but seldom know.

For more information please visit KAAD-LP online: HERE